Land Records

Property Record Card consolidates your entire parcel and property details in a single place.  Search by account number, owner name, or address.  You can see the property details such as ownership information, physical characteristics and sales information.  Links to aerial photography by Pictometry and recent sales are also readily available.


Community is a central data hub that provides a powerful dashboard of information. Patterns and trends are apparent, helping and supporting your decision making process.  Analytical information with an easy to use mapping interface assist the user visual locational trends.  Assessment as well as Census information by area is available as well as a Tax Estimator to assist lenders, builders, and Realtors.


“If the citizen doesn’t like the comparable sales then let them choose their own.”

Comper is an interactive map-based application that allows the taxpayer to view their property alongside similar properties that have sold nearby. The citizen can then select which comps they wish to use as evidence and save them. Simple, easy to use filters allow the citizen to select the sales evidence they feel best represents their own property.